Shopping sustainably on Black Friday

Shopping sustainably on Black Friday

Black Friday is peak sales time in the UK, and, as a nation, we actually lead the way in Europe on this - as the fiendish bargain-hunters that we are! Whilst we all love a deal, thankfully the conversation around sustainability and minimising our impact on the planet has become much more widespread - so how do the two combine? Images of stores filled with hordes of rabid shoppers fighting each other over a new TV, versus the idea that we can all be a bit more like Greta Thunberg - don’t exactly go hand in hand…

As an eco-conscious brand, we are all for sustainability here at Whisper. All our bedding is made in Europe, to keep the carbon footprint to a minimum, with the cotton grown locally to the manufacturers - who are members of the Better Cotton Initiative - and all our products are OEKO-TEX certified (which means that all the textiles and fabrics used are certified free of harmful chemicals and safe for human use). To top it off, NO plastic packaging is used; our bedding is packed in fabric pouches, inserted into cardboard boxes to mail out to our dreamy customers. 

We don’t even think it’s right that we should be leading the way on this; this should be the norm. Nonetheless, things are definitely moving in the right direction, and we’re pleased to see our customers care as much about the environment as we do. So, during peak shopping time this year, please read on for how you can enjoy the sales even more by purchasing responsibly:




The marketing tactics that brands use to reel you in during this peak consumerist time, is the stuff of genius. They tap into your emotions, they persuade you psychologically, and they offer you these amazing deals you couldn’t possibly refuse.  

So many people fall victim of these wily marketing teams, succeeding in making customers part ways with their hard-earned cash, for things they don’t really need. 

Sure, we all need to upgrade our lifestyle from time to time, but it’s prudent to think about exactly what you’d like to buy in the sales, BEFORE the sales. This way, you know what you need or want, and don’t get sidelined by all these other tempting deals on offer!


Here’s a life lesson you wouldn’t expect coming from a bedding brand:

Money spent should be an investment, not a cost.

What do we mean by this? You don’t have to have taken a degree in Finance or worked in a venture fund to understand investments. Don’t be put off by the terminology - stay with us on this, while we break it down clearly and simply:

Whatever you spend your money on, it has to have a return. This isn’t always a financial return - this can be an emotional, developmental, or a quality of life return. 

Here’s what we mean:

  • Spending £10 on a pair of shoes from Primark that are going to fall apart after just a few weeks, is £10 lost, nothing gained. Spending £100 on a proper pair of shoes made by quality shoemakers is an investment in footwear that will last you for ever, that will feel more comfortable, better for your feet, your posture - plus your money has gone to a far less questionable business with morals and standards (more on this later!)

  • Spending £500 on a self-development course to learn something like a new language, managerial skills, or how to code (for example) can secure you a job that earns you say £5k more. This is more of a financial return that’s easier to calculate, as you have literally multiplied your initial investment 10 times. 
  • A quality of life upgrade is likely to be something health-related. This could be buying a new smoothie maker to make sure you get in your five-a-day, or a gym kit to encourage you to work out more, or - we have to say it! - good quality bedding to ensure you get the best night’s sleep. (Sleep is important guys!)


If you’ve watched a documentary like ‘The True Cost’, you’ll know that we’re all part of the problem when it comes to unethical business practices. If you haven’t seen it, the documentary uncovers the dark side of fast fashion, with a focus on the famous Rana Plaza collapse that sadly killed factory workers forced to be in there to make the clothes we so badly need in Primark and other high street retailers. Yes, shocking.

At Whisper, our bedding is made from pure, long-staple cotton, made from real cotton plants grown locally to our manufacturers - who aren’t based in India or China, but a stone’s throw from us here in Europe. The factories are BCI members, which stands for Better Cotton Initiative, and of course all the workers are protected by EU laws. 

This is genuinely what we mean when we talk about “sleeping easy”. With sheets from Whisper, you can sleep easy in the knowledge that all our business practices - from the early design and manufacturing processes, through the logistics and supply chain, to our team here in London and arriving to you with no plastic packaging - are completely above board and handled in the most environmentally-friendly way possible. 


In summary, whilst we all need to bear in mind the ethical and environmental impact of our shopping habits, it’s totally unrealistic to expect us to return to an archaic way of living and deprive ourselves of things that not only do we need, but things that make us happy or serve us in some other way. The key is to be mindful and educated, so we really hope the tips shared in this blog post help you to make the most of the Black Friday sales, in the best way possible. 


Whisper offer an exclusive 15% off during the Black Friday week, once a year only. Shop the dreamiest bedding online while you can. Discount applied at checkout.  

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