Percale vs Sateen: What’s the difference?

Percale vs Sateen: What’s the difference?

Cotton is cotton, right? Wrong. Here at Whisper, we’ve curated the perfect selection of bed linen for you. Simplicity over masses of choice, we offer just two type of cotton sheets; percale or sateen, available in five gorgeous colour shades to go with almost any bedroom decor. 

But what exactly is “percale” and “sateen”? 

The latter, “sateen” is easier to deduce as the name itself sounds like satin. As it suggests, sateen sheets are smoother and silkier to the touch. What makes it this way? Thread count, my sleepyhead.

Sateen sheets have a much higher thread count than the crisp percale cotton, which therefore makes for warmer bedding. It’s this high thread count on our sateen sheets that make for a cosy and luxurious night’s sleep. 

Percale on the other hand, the fresh crisp cotton fabric, has a lower thread count and therefore a lighter feel - perfect for those who get hot at night. Percale bedding gives a crisp, relaxed feel - similar to a properly washed and ironed dress shirt, and - for the best results - it is always best to carefully iron your percale sheets. (See more here on how to properly iron your bed sheets).

Considering how much of our lives we spend in bed, and the importance of getting a good night’s sleep, investing in decent quality bedding that will last you for years, and a comfortable, supportive mattress, are probably some of the best life investments you can make (besides a pension and a good pair of shoes!) 

Contact us if you need more help deciding which is the best bedding for you. 

Sleep tight :)

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