How to Get An Insta-Worthy Bedroom

How to Get An Insta-Worthy Bedroom

How To Get An Insta-Worthy Bedroom

Whether or not you’re looking to gain more followers and be the next go-to interiors influencer, it’s safe to say we’d all like a bit of that “Instagrammability” in our bedrooms (yes, that’s a word now). 

We reviewed all our favourite interiors Instagram accounts, and distilled down these five main characteristics in order to get an “Insta-worthy bedroom”:

  • Make a statement

  • Don’t be afraid to be bold with a particular feature in your room - whether it’s a neon light with your favourite quote or a vase of bright flowers, the key is balance. Choose one or two things to focus on, and keep the rest neutral. For example, opt for white or pale coloured sheets here, but inject some colour with a bright throw or a strategically placed decorative cushion. 

  • Set the mood

  • Lighting is everything with interior design. You could have the most beautiful interiors but bright white glaring lights which ruin the whole aesthetic. Conversely, you could have a simple decor scheme, but with warm lighting, the room is transformed. 

    There are so many creative ways to light up your room - don’t treat this as an afterthought. From fairy lights draped around your headboard, spotlights from the ceiling, industrial-style wall lamps, or even beautiful candles for that soft and cosy glow. 

  • Invest in luxury bedding

  • The layering trend extends from your wardrobe to the bedroom - especially for the winter season. Relaxing comfortably on a pile of warm duvets and blankets, covered in eye-catching, bold and attention-grabbing covers make for a great picture. Using contrasting fabrics and colours can make your bedroom sanctuary shine that much brighter. Browse our bedding selection here [LINK].

  • Create a feature wall

  • A focal point of the room makes for a gorgeous, unignorable feature that your followers will be falling in love with. This can be done in a couple of ways: one of which is the gallery trend, which isn’t going away any time soon. This is the practice of using multiple picture frames for a beautifully decorated wall. This can either be in a geometric style, with the same size and shape frame neatly positioned in a large square shape - for a very luxe look - or in a mix & match fashion with different sized frames scattered across the wall, for a more kitsch feel. (See examples below).



    Frames are such an easy and effective way of stamping your personality on the space, but a step further is to look at wallpapering too. There’s a big wallpaper renaissance happening at the moment - once an interiors theme relinquished to the 80s and 90s, brands like The Loft and Us are pioneering the resurgence of the wallpaper. Famous for their monochromatic dalmatian style, and their Beverly Hills pink and green palm print, these products will have your followers double-tapping away!

    The Loft and Us -

  • Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise

  • For the novice interior designer, you’ll probably want to err on the side of caution - but push yourself out of your comfort zone and decorate your space with plants, pictures, trinkets and ornaments, and you’ll quickly see how much personality your space starts to take on. Also, think outside of the book and use items in your house as decoration which you wouldn’t necessarily think of at first - like your books or an recycling a used candle holder as a vase (see below example).

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