Celebrating #SmallBusinessSaturday

Celebrating #SmallBusinessSaturday

Whisper is as small a business as you can get! Our team literally consists of the two of us, Jack and Ari, with help from the amazing marketing team at Bloom, and of course our incredible manufacturers in Portugal. Our bedding is affordable luxury at its best - with high thread count percale and sateen cotton sheets for a sensuous night's sleep. Eco-conscious too; our partners are BCI members, our carbon footprint is as low as we can possibly get it, and we never use any plastic in our packaging or otherwise. 

In celebration of #SmallBusinessSaturday, we wanted to share with you some of our other favourite small, London-based shops, so you can do your part in supporting London’s entrepreneurs and fellow small businesses:

Sofia Latif

“Power skin’s health with clean, vegan skincare”


Sofia Latif believes in the slower things in life. By taking natural plant oils, Sofia Latif, a beauty guru and ad exec, has created a line of beautiful skincare products in little trinkets or eye roll-on cases. As a living example of the power of her own products (Sofia has the most incredible, flawless skin that requires zero foundation or concealer!) if it works for her, it works for us!

Sofia Latif focuses more on the bedtime ritual too, which is why we love it here at Whisper. Apparently, skin does its best work at night (when the cells rejuvenate), so feeding it with the purest plant oils, which contain active botanicals, will give it the best chance possible to rest, breathe and recover.

All ingredients are sourced in the UK, by manufacturers who work closely with farmers to ensure ingredients are farmed ethically and with environmental responsibility - another reason we love SL!




Mother Rose

“Dress for the evolution of womanhood” 

Inspired by classic tailoring whilst paying homage to Hera, the goddess of women, family, marriage and childbirth, Mother Rose is a modern collection made for the wonderful women we are and those who walk amongst us everyday.


Founded by another female solopreneur, Lauren Manville, we love seeing creative fashion that is both unique and functional.




Earl of East

"Create, Curate, Collaborate and Community"

Born out of Hackney in London, Earl of East is a boutique home fragrance brand set up by business and life partners, Niko Dafkos and Paul Firmin.


From side-hustle to full-time business, Earl of East now has multiple locations dotted around London, along with their online store. With a firm brand centred on four pillars; Create, Curate, Collaborate and Community, it’s easy to see how this brand has been so successful. 

Not only do they produce heavenly homewares, but they run hands-on, interactive sessions like a wreath-making workshop or how to make your own candles. If you’re in town, make sure to stop by!




Kiss the Moon

"Nighttime aromatherapy to help you sleep beautifully"

Founded by solo female founder, Jo Foster, Kiss the Moon offers 100% natural skincare and home fragrance products, all related to sleep (sounds good to us!) Just this year, Jo achieved a big milestone of opening up a physical boutique (in Yorkshire, so unfortunately not for us Londoners, just yet!) All her gorgeous products are available to buy via her webiste, regardless of where in the world you are - our favourite has to be the bedtime salts!  




People Tree

"Sustainable and fair trade fashion"

Ok, while we know this 1991-incorporated business is by no means a startup any more, we had to include them in this list as pioneers in eco-friendly fashion production, and for these gorgeous galaxy print pyjamas! (They go perfectly with our twinkly logo…) Plus, they’re on sale!




In aid of #SmallBusinessSaturday, and while it’s hibernation season, enjoy 15% off Whisper bedding in our exclusive, annual sale, treat yourself to some natural face oils from Sofia Latif, soak yourself in a long, warm bath with Kiss the Moon salts, and slip into People Tree pyjamas for the best night’s sleep! 

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